4 Ways To Balance Your Gut & Improve Your Mood

What more can I say, "It all starts in your gut."

  • Eat whole foods and avoid those packaged and processed foods.

Before you make your grocery list for next week, I'd like you to consider these questions:

Does it have a label?

Can I read the ingredients on the label?

Does it grow in the garden?

Keeping away from foods with additives and preservatives that are found in those packaged and processed foods can help to prevent disruption in your gut. By doing so, you are taking the initiative to keep your healthy bacteria in check!

  • More fruits and Veggies, please! (Preferably Organic - Incorporate several colorful fruits & veggies)

I'm sure we all grew up drinking juice, ya know, the kind found in a squeeze box.

Think back to your recreational soccer days for a moment, the pouches, barrels and plastic bottles you'd gulp down before waddling back out to the field. Those juices are packed with sugars, artificial sweeteners and flavors. Instead of reverting back to your childhood, look forward into your new fresh fruit and veggie futures. These beautiful creations are delicious morsel's that are full of nutrients your body craves on the daily. We need these beauties in order to feel our best, your gut deserves quality!

  • Fiber and whole grains will keep you full longer and are important for healthy digestion & blood sugar! Some of the fiber found in whole grains may contain pre-biotics, a key factor to help feed the good bacteria in your gut!



*Brown Rice

*Flax Meal



*Whole Grain Breads & Pasta

  • Fermented foods are rich in probiotic bacteria (help to keep your body functioning well), don't be shy, eat up!

By consuming fermented foods you are adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes to your intestinal flora (naturally occurring bacteria in the intestine). Not only do fermented foods improve your gut health, but they also give your immune system a nice boost!

*Sauerkraut (my favorite, I literally could eat it out of the jar)





*Yogurt (with probiotics)

The importance of your gut health is more than I could ever express in one blog entry. It produces 95% of the body's serotonin. Serotonin is made from the essential amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan can only enter the body through your diet, we cannot produce it on our own (It's essentially a mood stabilizer we obtain through food). Think about it this way, you have control over what foods you eat, right? Well, the quality of food you put in your body has a huge impact on our gut and overall health. We need to nourish our bodies in order to receive the proper nutrients. The less nutrients it has, the worse of an impact it can have on your mood. Depression sucks, you can help yourself out by incorporating more whole foods and eating organic when possible. Pump that serotonin up, am I right?

*Lean meats

*Whole Grains


*Fruits & Vegetables

Geez, we sure got right down to business today. I am super passionate when it comes to choosing high quality foods to help nourish my body (let me ramble, I swear I'll circle back to the meat and potato's of it all eventually)! Circling back now; if you eat like shit, then you will most likely feel like shit... Create good intentions for yourself & remember to breathe deep, you are worthy.

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