Declare Wellness Blog, Welcome All!

Hello all! My name is Jenna DiPaolo, Certified Health & Wellness Coach. This is my first blog entry, EVER! I know, pretty wild, right!? I've decided to express my passion for health & wellness via this blog as I am incredibly passionate about the potential benefit of my practice and love sharing stories and the facts about how true health & wellness can transform the way we all live our lives! There are ways to do this without totally flipping your world upside down and shaking it vigorously, I swear! If you are someone who is curious and open to improving yourself from the inside out then this blog is the place for you! Welcome, so happy you are here!

In the "Declare Wellness Blog," you will see posts about topics such as, how your daily lives effect your inner self not just your physical being, ways to eat delicious healthy foods & lose weight, improve your sleep, help to channel your inner spiritual being (whatever spirituality means to you), the importance of physical activity and how to incorporate it daily, helpful meal prep recipes, & so much more! I mean the possibilities are endless and I cannot wait to share with you my knowledge and experiences!

My goal is to create a safe & positive format for people to learn about health & wellness and also give the readers a reference so that they can incorporate their newfound tools into their daily lives to make long lasting positive changes! Whew! I am already so geek'd for my next post, every Thursday I'll drop a new post. Til then, create good intentions for yourself & remember to breathe deep, you are worthy.

Curious about how you can get involved? Subscribe & read my blogs with an open mind and heart. Share what touches your soul and comment your thoughts!

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